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Heaven's Gain Ministries
If you are in need of support, assistance, or are having trouble placing an order please call us (513) 607-6083 . Our Ipower website host has our SSL showing our website is secure but when they tried to redirect it to a HTTPS version of our website they completely messed up our website.  That has caused our online store to be experiencing problems and the pictures not to show up.  If you cannot place an order online or if you are experincing trouble with our website feel free to call us (513)607-6083.  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  

Shipping Options

All casket and urn orders received by noon EST are normally shipped out the same business day.
Rarely there is an unavoidable delay. In this case, you will be contacted through phone and/or e-mail and offered options. Be sure to give us a phone number where you can be reached.
Memorial items and books may be shipped separately. Most memorial items are shipped with the casket or urn. Larger items that do not fit in the same box will be shipped separately. If the memorial item or book is shipped separately, it will be shipped within 2-3 days.
Choose between guaranteed (Express) or non-guaranteed delivery date:

Guaranteed date delivery: USPS Express Mail or Fed Ex Express
NOT guaranteed delivery: USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground
Only Express mail has a guaranteed delivery date.

This is a new website. Shipping is now determined according to items ordered. Our old shipping prices are below, and should be comparable. Since it is a new process, we may hit some snags. If your shipping cost is radically different, call us and we will determine the shipping cost.
Unless you choose USPS Express Mail or Fed Ex Express, your package will be shipped USPS Priority Mail or Fed Ex Ground.

If you prefer to have your order shipped to an alternate location than your home/billing address, please e-mail us immediately after you place your order.
USPS Priority Mail
Usually takes 2-3 business days average) but is NOT guaranteed and occasionally can take more time - up to 10 business days.
Fed Ex Ground
(see map). Delivery date is NOT guaranteed, but usually gets there in
the time expected according to this map.


Ground map from Cincinnati with
ground normal delivery but Not guaranteed
pink: 1 business day
turquoise: 2 business days 
orange: 3 business days
green: 4 business days
light pink in green: 5 business days
​Hawaii is 7 business days
FedEx Ground Map

If you are not ordering express and have ordered priority mail or fed ex ground,  we may change how we ship your order if we think it will arrive to you sooner.  USPS delivers on Saturdays but Fed EX does not.  Fed Ex delivers packages according to the map above.  If you have not chosen express we may change to another non guaranteed method.  
International Shipping
We do ship international.  Please call us  or e-mail with your address and what you plan to order in order.  International shipping can be expensive.  We will determine the size of the box and weight and calculate it with the shipping address to give you a total for shipping and then you can see if that works for you.  
e-mail  heavensgain@heavensgain.com
phone (513)607-6083

UPS upon request only. Call for prices. These are usually comparable to Fed Ex.

These are our old prices

USPS Priority mail or FedEx Ground Prices 

From($)   To($)       Amount (USD)

0.01         45.00      $ 8.00
45.01       89.00      $14.00
89.01       250.00    $23.00
250.01     380.00    $38.00
380.01     700.00    $50.00

We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you need your order by a specific date you should order by USPS Express Mail. Keep in mind  priority mail is NOT guaranteed by a certain date.

We can also ship Fed Ex express mail.  Please call for prices on Fed EX Express Mail.

USPS Express Mail, U.S., 1-3 Business days average
Delivery date Guaranteed

USPS Express Mail Prices

From($)  To($)      Amount ($)

0.01        15.00      $35.00
15.01      90.00      $45.00
90.01      180.00    $70.00
180.01    400.00    $99.00
400.01    700.00    $140.00

Delivery to rural areas may take an extra day delivery time

Our website only takes orders with in the U.S.

We can ship internationally, but you must call or email for shipping prices. For shipments outside the U.S., we would determine shipping, and send a bill/paypal request for payment.