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Gestational Age, Length of Baby, and Size of Casket
Gestation and Size
To determine the approximate size of the baby, one must know when the baby died and not how many weeks along the mother’s pregnancy has lasted. Sometimes the mother does not know the baby has passed until two or more weeks after the baby has died. 

Weeks gestation                                Approximate length                 Recommended size casket from Heaven's Gain
(when the baby died
not weeks of pregnancy)
     6 weeks                                               .25 inch                                 9 inch casket (with or without wood box)
     7 weeks                                               .31 inch                                 9 inch casket (with or without wood box)
     8 weeks                                               .5  inch                                  9 inch casket (with or without wood box)
     9 weeks                                               1 inch                                    9 inch casket (with or without wood box)
    10 weeks                                              1.5 inches                             9 inch casket (with or without wood box)
    11 weeks                                               2 inches                               9 inch casket (with or without wood box)
    12 weeks                                               2.5 inches                            9 inch casket (with or without wood box)
    13 weeks                                               3 inches                               9 inch casket
    14 weeks                                               3.5 inches                            9 inch casket
    16 weeks                                               7-8 inches                            9 inch casket
    18 weeks                                               8-9 inches                            9 or 15  inch casket
    20 weeks                                               10 inches                             15 inch casket
    22 weeks                                               11 inches                             15 inch casket
    24 weeks                                               12 inches                             15 inch casket
    26 weeks                                               13 inches                             15 inch casket             
    28 weeks                                               14 inches                             15-20 inch casket
    30 weeks                                               15 inches                             20 inch casket
    32 weeks                                               16 inches                             20 inch casket
    34 weeks                                               17 inches                             20 inch casket
    36 weeks                                               18 inches                             20 inch casket
    38 weeks                                               19 inches                             24 inch casket
    40 weeks                                               20 inches                             24 inch casket