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Heaven's Gain Ministries
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Advocacy ​ 
By Phone, by Email. 

Donna Murphy is a Certified BabyLoss DoulaR/ Baby Loss Family AdvisorTM . She is available by phone or email. If there is no answer on the phone, she will return your call. She tries to give each client the time he or she deserves, and aims to answer all questions to the best of her ability.   She is available by phone to listen and offer support and advice.  For those in the Greater Cincinnati area she is available by phone and in person.  

*She does not give medical advice.

Reach out to Donna:

phone (513) 607-6083

email:   heavensgain@heavensgain.com

Loss Doulas International website:;  
http://www.babylossfamilyadvisors.org/locate-advisor.html http://www.babylossfamilyadvisors.org/​​

Baby Loss Familyy Advisors website:;  

Personal Baby Loss Family Advisors/Baby Loss Doula
Heaven's Gain is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Donna Murphy can be available for a meeting, or to be a Baby Loss Doula at a birth. She is only available to serve families in the Cincinnati/southwest Ohio area, northern Kentucky area, and southwest Indiana.

Links to other Baby Loss Doulas
Baby Loss Doulas are available in other areas of the USA..  These are not Heaven's Gain Doulas.  

Baby Loss Family Advisors

The best, most informed choices help enhance a loving encounter with your baby. These meaningful moments help create lasting memories that bring comfort over time. A Heavens Gain Baby Loss Family Advisor is much like a parent advocate, and can be available via phone, email or in person to offer services. 

How does a Baby Loss Family Advisor help?

  • Help prepare you and your family for the baby's birth
  • Offer gentle support, guidance and reassurance
  • Assist in creating a birth preference plan factoring in knowledge of pros and cons
  • Aid in memory making
  • Determine and advocate for your wishes, and act as a liaison with the medical community
  • Avail herself for advice before, during, and after the birth of your baby
  • Connect you with additional support resources

*Free will donations appreciated, though not necessary.
Photo from Loss Doulas International